Ardnahein care home visits are easier with Hypedome

Ardnahein care home visits are easier with Hypedome

Ardnahein Care Home set in the glorious West Bay of Dunoon commands breathtaking views over the River Clyde enjoyed by residents from bedrooms, lounges, and gardens. 

The latest addition to the facilities is a brand new Hypedome that allows safe care home visits in a completely protected against the weather elements, easy to disinfect and easy to ventilate environment.

In the difficult times, we live in it is important to closely follow social distancing guidelines. That applies to anyone, particularly in high-risk groups like our seniors. That being said, for mental health's sake it is important we should consider all the options to isolate without feeling trapped. 

Dunoon is a fairly small town with a population of less than five thousand and a tightly knit community. The completely clear dome is located in front of the care home, next to the street. Hence, it allows residents to spend time outside and interact with people passing by, yet without leaving a sanitised environment. A great piece of normality in abnormal times.

Ardnahein is one of few care homes around the UK that choose Hypedome to increase the living quality of their residents in these difficult times. Of course with the lifespan of over 10 years, the dome will remain an amazing garden lounge once the situation improves, allowing residents to enjoy outdoors even when it's very windy or pouring with rain.

Photos courtesy of Ardnahein Care Home


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