Jeff's Essex garden room

Jeff's Essex garden room

We always love to hear from our customers and learn about creative ways they use their Hypedome garden rooms. In the case of Jeff from Essex, it is being used by the three generations of his family as a personal outdoor dining and lounge area.  

Jeff was kind enough to update us throughout the entire process of building his garden room. We really appreciate such feedback, as it lets us know whether there is something we should improve in our assembly manual and the build process itself.

We have envisioned it as a straightforward procedure from the get-go. However, input from kind people like Jeff allowed us to take user-friendliness to another level. We never settle and constantly introduce a number of small improvements to the product, packaging, documentation and available accessories.

When it comes Jeff's impression of his Hypedome, here is what he shared with us recently:

"It’s a real conversation starter! We absolutely love it. So much better than a boring summerhouse. You really do feel that you are inside outside. The light and reflections are an endless source of curiosity. Our neighbours, relatives and friends are very envious! We’ve had our first coffee group, my boy wants to sleep in it and I’m planning our first dinner party and my wife’s birthday buffet!”.

Whether you already own a Hypedome or consider getting one we would to hear from you. What is it that you find most attractive in the product and think is it a good idea for your garden room? 


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