What are the dimensions the HypeDome S?

  • Base area: 10 m/ 108 sq ft
  • Diameter: 3.6m / 11.8 ft
  • Height: 2.3m / 7.6 ft
  • Volume: 12 m3 / 430 ft3
  • Circumference length: 11.3m / 37 ft 

What is the capacity of the HypeDome S?

Recommended capacity: up to 6 people seated at a round table. 

Values listed below are for maximum dome capacity: 
• up to 8 people seated at a round table
• up to 8 people seated at sofas & chairs
• up to 8 people seated at a rectangular table 
• up to 8 kids playing
• up to 10 people standing next to cocktail tables 
• up to 12 people standing / no furnishings 


    What's in the box?

    • 100+ numbered & letter-coded polycarbonate panels
    • Complete set of screws and cap nuts
    • Steel entrance frame kit
    • Rollable membrane zip door
    • Ventilation panel with automatic window opener (optional)
    • Ground anchoring pins or deck screws or concrete anchors (depending on choice)
    • Assembly Toolkit: Ratchet socket, screwdriver bits, hex key (allen wrench) 
    • Installation & Maintenance Manuals + Warranty Card
    • Cleaning Kit incl. hand washer with sponge, micro-fiber cleaning cloth, cleaning spatula, cleaning liquid
    • Secure Packaging. Easy and safe to handle by one person. 

    Do you ship to my country? 

    Most likely yes! We ship worldwide (with a few exceptions).

    Is it difficult to build? 

    No, it's actually quite easy! Assembly of the HypeDome requires two people and takes on average 4 hours to complete. All tools and manuals required for assembly are provided together with the kit. You will need a 3m tall ladder during the assembly and dismantle.

    Can it be dismantled, stored and used again? 

    Yes! You can derig/dismantle the dome when required, store it in provided boxes and build it again in the future - as many times as you want. 

    Is it rain resistant?

    Yes! Thanks to a clever design inspired by fish-scale, water flows down the surface of the HypeDome, keeping the interior completely dry. 

    Is it wind resistant?

    Yes, when built and anchored to the ground or decking, HypeDome can resist even violent winds. It is based on a geodesic dome concept which makes it structurally rigid and distributes the structural stress throughout the structure. 

    Can the HypeDome be used in snowy area? 

    Yes, however we advise to keep the interior warm enough for the snow to melt and flow down. Alternatively you should manually remove any snow residue from the dome surface. 

    Does HypeDome offer any ventilation openings?

    Yes, HypeDome is provided with one ventilation opening equipped with an automated window opener that opens during warm weather (no power required). You can also open or close it manually when required. For improved ventilation on hot days, we suggest keeping the entrance membrane door open and/or providing mechanical ventilation. 

    Is HypeDome equipped with the door?

    Yes, 100% clear, rollable, elegant membrane zip-door are provided with the HypeDome S. They can be easily secured in open or close position or completely detached if required. It's possible to lock the zip-door with a padlock. 

    Can I use the HypeDome on a hot, sunny day?

    As any other type of completely clear/transparent structures, interior of the HypeDome does heat up on hot, sunny days. We will be soon introducing an optional sun-shade accessory that will protect the dome from summer heat. 

    Is it possible to use A/C unit to cool the interior?

    Yes, HypeDome can be equipped with an optional panel that allows for A/C ducting to be installed neatly. This means, you can equip your HypeDome with a small, neat-looking, stand-alone A/C unit. 

    For more recommendations on climate control solutions, please contact our expert. We will be happy to discuss your specific case.

    Can I use a heating source to warm up the interior? 

    Yes, it's best to use a standalone, electric heater or radiator. We do not recommend using gas heaters inside of the dome, due to it's limited size.

    For more recommendations on climate control solutions, please contact our expert. We will be happy to discuss your specific case.

    Do you provide base / flooring for the HypeDome? 

    We currently do not offer base / flooring for the Hype Dome, however with every purchase, we provide a detailed plans and drawings of our recommended deck design, incl. list of materials that will be required.

    How is it anchored to the ground / base? 

    HypeDome can be secured to the ground with ground pins (provided) or screwed to the decking with screws that are also provided with each kit. 

    Does it come with a warranty?

    Yes! HypeDome is covered with a 2-years warranty against any manufacturing defects. Expected lifespan of the HypeDome is at least 15 years. 

    What maintenance is required?

    HypeDome requires minimum maintenance. To keep it in a good shape clean it regularly with a lukewarm water and cleaning kit provided. We advise to remove larger dirt such as leaves, mud, bird droppings, etc. as quickly as possible.