Safe visiting pods for nursing homes 

Let families meet again, safely.

Hypedome Visiting Pods


Bringing residents and their loved ones together in times of heightened infection risks.

The coronavirus outbreak has posed a set of completely new challenges on caregivers. Nursing homes have to minimise the risk of residents’ infections and impose strict physical-distancing measures. They also need to address the need for personal contact between the family members.

Nursing homes across the country have to come up with a way of allowing the residents to meet with their families, while keeping them, the staff members and other inhabitants safe.


A turn-key solution for safe, all-year meetings. Outdoors and indoors.

Hypedome provides a dedicated and easy to sanitise solution. The strong and durable visiting pods create a comfortable environment for people to meet in, without coming into close contact or having to enter the building.

Domes feature a wheelchair accessible double entrance, polycarbonate divider wall, openable vents and can be easily heated.

They offer comfort and safety throughout the year, but especially in the colder months when flu and other viruses are more prevalent and opportunities for outdoor meetings are limited.

Product Features

Visiting Pods for Outdoor and Indoor Use

Made out of glass-like, solid polycarbonate they have a premium look, are rainproof, windproof and extremely durable with an expected lifespan of 15 years.

Heating & Air Purifying  Optional

Optional Dyson Heater & Air Purifier with a HEPA air filter offers a quick way of heating up the dome's interior. It also purifies dome’s air volume every 45 seconds.

Clear Acrylic Screen Wall  Optional

Clear screen wall splits the dome into two separate rooms, ensuring the safe environment is maintained, while still making the space feel open.

Intercom  Optional

Contactless and fully automatic intercom system offers clear and safe communication and speach clarity, despite protective wall and face masks.

Two Entrances with Easy Wheelchair Access  Optional

With an entrance for residents and a separate door for visitors, distancing practices are in place. Resident’s entrance comes extra wide for easy wheelchair access.

Lighting  Optional

Hypedome Visiting Pods can come with an optional lighting package providing comfortable environment for family meetings at any time of the day.

Ventilation Windows  Optional

Care Dome come with two openable windows for improved air circulation in both partitions of the dome. Paired with rollable doors, they are easy to ventilate quickly.

Base Platform with Ramps  Optional

Bespoke wooden platforms can be provided with ramps for easy wheelchair access.

Hypedome Nursing Home Visiting Pods starting at:

$ 3 995.00 + TAX


"A chance to visit loved ones"
Our care domes at the CRC and Dorincourt are enabling families to visit their loved ones outside whilst keeping everyone both safe and warm.

- Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People 

About us image
About us image

“It allows us to adhere to strict guidelines"
It's been a godsend - it's been an unbelievable success and people are queuing up to get an hour's slot with their loved one in it. It's been very emotional for family members to be able to meet up safely.

- Tony Billingham, owner of Lapal House for Halesowen News

Technical Specifications

Base area: 
108 sq ft / 10m2
Diameter: 11.8 ft / 3.5m
Height: 7.6 ft / 2.3m
Total weight: approx. 232 lbs / 105kg

- Resistant to rain and violent winds
- Glass-like, noise-cancelling acoustic properties
- Temperature resistance: 
-58°F to 203°F (-50°C to +95°C)
- Coated with two layers of UV-protection 

The dome is made out of 100+ solid polycarbonate panels. It comes as a complete kit for self-assembly, incl. aluminium entrance frame kit, rollable membrane zip door, anchoring kit (deck screws or ground anchoring pins), assembly toolkit, cleaning kit, etc.

Hypedome is engineered according to the norm "BS EN 13782 Temporary structure. Tents. Safety" and withstands violent winds, exceeding 71 mph / 115 km/h (11 Beaufort). They can be built in spaces exposed to strong, sustained winds as long as they are properly anchored to the ground. 

Hypedome comes with a set of deck screws to anchor the dome to a wooden or composite decking. Alternatively, we can provide it with a set of steel stakes if you want to attach it directly to the ground (soil/grass/sand). Expanding bolts can be used for anchoring to concrete. 

Hypedome comes with a rollable, transparent PVC membrane door with two zips on the sides. You can easily roll it up/down to open/close the door. Extra-wide, 820mm door allows for easy wheelchair access, compliant with health & safety regulations.

Polycarbonate material used to produce Hypedome is fire classified as B, s2, d0 (difficult to ignite, limited smoke production, no drips/droplets). Reaction to fire tests were conducted based on the DIN EN 13501 standard.

The domes are designed for the self-assembly and come with a step-by-step assembly manual and tools required to build them. It takes approx. 5-6 hours for 2 people to complete the build.

Domes do not have their own power outlets, however each unit comes with an openable panel that allows you to neatly bring electric cables into the dome and still keep it completely waterproof.

The dome does not require any specific maintenance, except for the occasional checks on the tightness of bolts and screws. You can clean the dome with the regular water and mild soap with the use of the microfibre cloth to prevent scratches.

Media & Awards

Quality of our domes has been recognised in
2020 Architizer A+ Awards in the Outdoor Furniture category. We won two awards:

A+ Award Jury Winner, selected by best architects, interior designers and product designers.

• The A+ Popular Choice Award - by votes of public, design practitioners and enthusiasts from around the globe.

The Architizer A+ Awards is the largest awards program focused on promoting and celebrating the year’s best architecture, spaces and products.


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