Danish town was home to unique Christmas Igloo installation


Handel Silkeborg is an association of shops in the Danish town of Silkeborg. A picturesque location in the middle of Jutlandic peninsula.

As part of the Christmas celebrations, Handel Silkeborg has invested in four igloos provided by Hypedome.

Made from recyclable polycarbonate rather than snow. Two Hypedome igloos featured holiday-themed installations designed by the Association of Danish Decorators. While the other two were provided as an outdoor lounge with up to 8 people being able to enjoy Christmas market specialities. Main square has been decorated with magical forests, tree labyrinths, ice and animals - all of them hidden inside and around crystal clear Hypedome igloos.

After a difficult 2020 for everyone, Handel Silkeborg wanted to offer something truly unique to welcome the 2021, 175th anniversary of the Danish town. So far Christmas celebrations in Silkeborg were not so lavish. However: "Together with the story of Father Christmas, the igloos are the first step in the new way of marking Christmas in  Silkeborg", said Jeanette Østerlund Bamford event coordinator at Handel Silkeborg.

Silkeborg's Christmas Market and the igloos, in particular, were extensively features by the local press, here is just one of many articles by Midtjyllands Avis and television including TV2 Østjylland. No knowledge of Danish is required to enjoy photos of the beautiful installation. 

There is a number special attractions prepared for this special year and igloos will certainly make their return, very soon. 


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