Visitor Pods for Care Homes

Visitor Pods for Care Homes

Care homes from all parts of the UK entrusted the safety of their residents to Hypedome visitor pods.

Over the years care homes around the entire UK made massive strives to increase the wellbeing of their residents. However, 2020 took everyone by surprise. Even the large organisations like WHO or NHS were not ready for an outbreak of a massive scale, despite countless simulations and contingency plans that until that point were only a theory.

While complete isolation is the best approach to stop the spread transmission of the virus, experience showed us that it has a larger consequence on mental health than expected. A long-term impact that we will be feeling years from now. We all wish the Autumn of our lives to be a happy period when we can finally relax surrounded by our friends and family. To return the dream of a happy retirement to the residents and the peace of mind to their families Hypedome introduced visitor pods. 

A dedicated easy to sanitise domes, featuring:

  • Completely weather-proof polycarbonate construction with expected lifespan of over 15 years. 
  • The clear acrylic screen splits the visiting pods into separate rooms, yet still making the space feel open. 
  • Two separate entrances, with the resident entrance being extra wide for easy wheelchair access. 
  • Openable ventilation windows for improved air-circulation in both partitions of the visitor pods.
  • Heating and air-purification system equipped with HEPA filter that purifies pods air volume every 45 seconds.
  • The contactless intercom that offers clear communication between sections of the domes despite protective wall and face masks. 
  • Lighting package providing a cosy atmosphere and allows meeting at any time of the day.
  • Bespoke wooden platforms with ramps for easy wheelchair access.

Safety of residents and their visitors was our top priority, not only when it comes to social distancing measures, but also to engineering quality and durability of the visitor pods. With safe anchoring in place, the domes are designed to withstand violent winds, exceeding 71 mph/115 kmh (11 Beaufort) and are successfully used in places like Cape Cornwall, Coast of Scottish Highlands or Canadian Ontario. Domes meet BS EN 13782 fire-retardancy norm for temporary structures.

While being completely recyclable, Hypedome is not designed as a disposable product. Introducting a safe venue for visits was our main goal, all distancing measures are removable. With successful immunisation of the population, it will provide years of service as an outstanding lounge, allowing residents to enjoy outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

The domes already in place were met with great enthusiasm of both the care home managers and resident families:

It allows us to adhere to strict guidelines.

"It's been a godsend - it's been an unbelievable success and people are queuing up to get an hour's slot with their loved one in it. It's been very emotional for family members to be able to meet up safely. "

- Tony Billingham, owner of Lapal House for Halesowen News

A chance to visit loved ones.

"Our care domes at the CRC and Dorincourt are enabling families to visit their loved ones outside whilst keeping everyone both safe and warm."

- Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People 

Thank you for caring

"Looks beautiful and such a wonderful idea for families to see loved ones. Thank you Ardnahein for caring."

- Patricia, family member Ardnaheim Care Home resident

If you wish to learn more about the visitor pods for care homes by Hypedome, including detailed specifications you can visit our dedicated website:



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