Instagrammable garden pods in Hampshire

Instagrammable garden pods in Hampshire

In the following weeks, we will introduce you to some of our clients and their amazing garden pods. You can use them as inspiration while designing your own garden oasis.

This time we visit Alice, a school-teacher from Hampshire. You loved her dome when we featured it on our Instagram profile, so we felt that we should provide you with more pictures and more exhaustive description of her project.  Alice ordered her garden pod in December 2020, as a Christmas present to herself and her family.

Simple 4x4m square deck was more than enough to make the base for her pod. While we love seeing elaborate designs by some of our clients, it also proves the point that you do not have to be an engineer to build a functional base for the dome.

What she did spend more time on was furnishing her dome, starting with lights around the inner perimeter of the dome. You cannot have enough of those, this is why we recently introduced a custom lighting-kit as an optional accessory for our garden pods.

In the centre of the dome lies a ⌀2m jute woven rug and exclusive stainless-steel/glass dining table on top of it. To make the dome even cosier, four chairs feature faux-fur covers, while the restaurant cart features tableware required to enjoy extended dining sessions in the comfort of her own garden.

To keep her garden pod warm and cosy, Alice decided to include an electric oil heater instead of one that features fans. She said to us that once it warms up, it is more than capable to efficiently heat the dome and with a fairly large thermal mass it maintains a comfortable temperature even for a couple of hours after turning it off.

Part of Hypedomes mission statement is staying in touch with our clients and listening to their feedback. We exchange ideas about different features that should be included. Ideas for lighting, heating and furnishing the domes, making the pods even more user friendly. While we spend considerable time and effort on research and development, there is nothing we value more than the word from our customers. 


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