Angelas's Garden Igloo Pods

Angelas's Garden Igloo Pods

Angela, a publishing company executive from Cheshire chose garden igloos from Hypedome for a multipurpose all year round lounge.

She was excited about the product from the moment she saw it, finding it a perfect fit for her lifestyle. The garden igloo pod arrived in Mid-December with plans to put it over the hot tub during winter. 

All signs showed that it will be another snowless year in the UK. Then came January and we have been reminded how the proper winter looks like.

Angela recently contacted us through a direct message on Instagram with few pictures of her garden igloo pods covered in snow and the following feedback:  "I’m absolutely bowled over with how amazing this is. What a fantastic product, amazing service and brilliantly simple. I love it! Thank you".

We are very humbled by Angela's reaction. Offering a great product is one thing, but part of our mission statement is providing added value through high-quality service and continuous exchange of ideas, whether someone still considers getting her/his Hypedome or if we are speaking with our long-time client

We will post more pictures of Angela's garden igloo dome once she puts it over her hot-tub.

If you wonder how it works: the assembled and securely anchored dome is engineered to withstand 72mph / 117 km/h winds or 11 in Beaufort Scale (Violent Storm), yet on a calm day you can remove the anchors and the complete dome can be moved and lifted over things by the crew of 3-5 people. Make sure to anchor it again at the end .

The wonderful characteristic of the polycarbonate is that it is considerably lighter than glass, yet 200 times stronger. One of the main reasons why it is used for aeroplane canopies, where high-strength is required, yet every pound of weight counts.


Instagrammable garden pods in Hampshire
Modern Garden Room in Aberdeenshire

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