Modern Garden Room in Aberdeenshire

Modern Garden Room in Aberdeenshire

In the following blog post, we will visit Sarah's and Grant's modern garden room in Aberdeenshire. 

The further north the more temperamental the weather. With that being said, their family loves spending their time outdoors. They have converted part of their garden into a minigolf course.  It is not St. Andrews, but more than enough for a casual putting practice.

When the weather breaks down, which eventually always does, the modern garden room in the shape of Hypedome is right there. It is a perfect location to pause, sit down and enjoy a glass of prosecco while the rain gently bounces off the dome.

100% recyclable polycarbonate used for Hypedome has a natural elasticity that slightly cushions the raindrops. The sound of rain is still there, but the cushioning effect is enough to turn something that would be unbearable in a glass structure into a romantic hum.

The dome is with the family for a while now. For the holidays they have tastefully decorated it with fairy lights and other seasonal accents. It does not take much to warm up the garden room which makes a fantastic venue for the Christmas dinner.

The feeling of being cosily cocooned against any weather conditions in a fully transparent garden room is quite surreal (in the best way possible) and something that must be experienced to truly understand. 

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