Channel 4 Taskmaster features Hypedome garden pod as its new outdoor area


We are happy to announce that Hypedome garden pod became the new outdoor area for the TV comedy panel game: Taskmaster - The show that features celebrities undertaking bizarre tasks like emptying the bathtub in the quickest possible way or throwing a teabag into the cup from the furthest possible distance (for those living outside of UK, did we mention it is a British show ?)

In the New Year's special and the debut of the Hypedome outdoor area, John Hannah, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Nicola Coughlan, Rylan Clark-Neal and Shirley Ballas were tasked with building the lightest possible tower using household items of different shapes and sizes.

No spoilers here. Granting you live in the UK, until the end of January, you can watch the show on the Channel 4 website: click here see it. If you live outside UK, there are ways to bypass the location filtering, but we won’t mention them here ;-)

Hypedome and challenging limits of creativity go hand in hand. This is why we are particularly happy that it became part of the show that combines thinking and good fun. 


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